Installing Debian in NSD-100

You need to have Linux on your desktop. This can be:
1.Installed on your hard drive
2.Installed Linux using virtual machine on winxp
3.Booted using Live CD/DVD

Extract Debian root files system to NSD-100
1.Connect NSD-100’s external USB HDD(XFS format) to PC (linux), download debian-etch-base.tar.bz2 to folder "public" and create folder "debian", Assume that debian-etch-base.tar.bz2 is in /media/disk-1/public
2.open terminal in linux and following command lines executed
desktop_pc:/media/disk-1/public # mkdir debian
desktop_pc:/media/disk-1/public # cd /debian
desktop_pc:/media/disk-1/public # tar -jxvpf /media/disk-1/public/debian-etch-base.tar.bz2

Telnet NSD-100
1. Re-connect external USB HDD to NSD-100 and using PC (windows) access folder "public" of external USB HDD via workgroup
2 Access NSD-100 using telnet, following command lines executed
[root@FA520]# /mnt/data/public/debian/usr/sbin/chroot /mnt/data/public/debian
[root@FA520]#exit[root@FA520]#echo "/mnt/data/public/debian/usr/sbin/chroot /mnt/data/public/debian /etc/init.d/ssh start " >> /mnt/data/public/bd

Disconnect Telnet connection, Re-access NSD-100 using SSH
(login: root / password is your pervious setting.)

Now, you are finished install Debian into NSD-100.


How to telnet NSD-100 ?

From http://www.lliures.org/2008/05/02/ft3563-bt-hacking/, following procedures are my experiencing of access NSD-100 using telnet program.
1.Connect external USB HDD to NSD-100 and enter web control (login:admin/password:root) to format as XFS.

2. Turn-off NSD-100, and connect external USB HDD to PC (use Linux to access partitions.) via USB cable.
3. Edit smb.conf, and add below line what you created into [public] :

root preexec = /mnt/data/public/bd

4. Create script file “bd” into folder “public” and type below content for access NSD-100 using telnet.

echo "pts/0" >> /etc/securetty

5 change script file “bd” permission to 755 (# chmod bd 755)
6. Re-connect external USB HDD to NSD-100 and using PC (windows) access folder “public” of external USB HDD via workgroup.
7. Now, you can access NSD-100 via telnet program, like pietty … successfully.


Firmware released

Emprex has released latest firmware "V03R14" which has follwing items fixed

1). Fixed Config restore wouldn't restore the setting of "Media"
2). Add BT auto restart. Please check BT->Global setting.
3). Fixed FTP cannoot upload file more than 2Gb,
4). Fixed printer not working after device name modified.
5). Fixed BT pages blocked by Kaspersky

Firmware version "V03R14" download


firmware released

Download latest firmware "BTCV03R10-MX.zip" with following address


(support-->download-->Storage-->P2P download)


FAT32 file size limition

Due to a limitation with FAT32. One file greater than 4GB cannot be created on FAT32 partitions, don't put torrent that embedded file greater than 4GB into NSD-100's HDD with FAT32 partition.


Does NSD-100 support trackerless torrents?

No, it's doesn't. After you click button "start job" with trackerless torrent NSD-100 will appear error message "start job failed" .