Firmware released

Emprex has released latest firmware "V03R14" which has follwing items fixed

1). Fixed Config restore wouldn't restore the setting of "Media"
2). Add BT auto restart. Please check BT->Global setting.
3). Fixed FTP cannoot upload file more than 2Gb,
4). Fixed printer not working after device name modified.
5). Fixed BT pages blocked by Kaspersky

Firmware version "V03R14" download


Lemming said...

Nice work, thanks !

But in the next update you really should use a better torrent client with a much newer version !

EMPREX said...

Got it, thanks for your suggestion.

micro said...

i have this nas ;
i tried your new frimware web update and serial porting.
but i cant working this frimware .
how can i do ?

EMPREX said...

As I know the hardware of FT3563-BT is different with Emprex NSD-100,
Support Serial ATA HDD installed inside for BT download
USB Host x1
USB device x1

Emprex NSD-100
USB host x 2, (USB external HDD using, not support SATA or PATA HDD install inside)

so I think that firmware is not compatible each other.

Anonymous said...

Could you work on the stability?

Most of the time when I left it on for more than 24hrs. It would crash and I need to restart it by pulling of the power.

Or is it something that I did?
Any suggestions?